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Color laser printer features

Shenzhen Language Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 12, 2015

1, fast print speeds, at least 3 color pages, 16 pages per minute in black and white.

2, good print effect, 600dpi is the equivalent of ink-jet 1440dpi effect.

3, true color, and color laser imaging is similar to printing, color reduction higher than inkjet.

4, no special paper, don't need special paper, you can print out photo-quality results.

5, low print cost, color printing costs 10 times lower than the inkjet and toner, not going to evaporate.

6, print, color has nothing to do with the paper, plain paper, glossy, laminate, print results, especially the color difference, instead of expensive photo paper or inkjet paper well, and prone to paper jams.

7, network printing, most laser printers, the user is a company, Enterprise, network printing is a necessary option.

8, automatic two-sided printing, can be increased through the Add Adapter automatic two-sided printing function, some color laser printers also come standard with this function (for example: MINOLTA QMS MC2DLD and MC2+D)

9, large capacity tray, color laser printer comes standard with at least 250 page tray, without a piece of paper, some have 2 cartons, can be simultaneously on two different sizes of paper.