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Inkjet printer tips

Shenzhen Language Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 13, 2015

Use color spray cartridge (the cartridge here) in the process, pay attention to the red, yellow, blue and other colors balanced use, not only focused on a color picture is printed, because as long as the exhaustion of a color cartridge, even if other colors have not been exhausted, inkjet cartridges will not continue to use it. Generally speaking print picture of higher resolution, use more ink. Light consumes less ink, bright red or blue composite needs more than one basic color and needs to consume more ink.

Er, don't frequent switching the printer, because many types of printers when powered on will perform a self-test procedure consumes ink, printed will need to print the material together as much as possible (but be careful not to let your printer work continuously for too long), this will also save ink.