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Thermal Bubble Technology

Shenzhen Language Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 13, 2015

Inkjet printers use heat bubble jet technology, within a short time through the ink heated, expansion, compression, and formation of ink jet printing on dot, increase the stability of ink color, high speed, high quality print. Due to the outside in addition to the size of the ink droplet, droplets of the consistency and concentration will have a big impact on image quality and ink dots produced at high temperatures and shape are not easily controlled, precise ink control is very important. Principle of thermal bubble ink-jet printing ink is loaded into a very tiny capillaries in the ink through a tiny heating pad rapidly heated to the boiling point. This is a very tiny steam bubbles, steam bubble expansion will put a drop of ink into the capillary tube to the top. Stop heating, cooling ink, causes the steam condenses to contract, so as to stop the flow of ink until the next time to produce steam and generate a drop.