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3D Printing, With 3D Printing Is The First In The World

Shenzhen Language Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 09, 2016

    3 d printing pen is the first in the world which has the function of 3 d printing.3 d printing based on 3 d printing, plastic extrusion hot melt, and then rapidly cooled in the air, the last solidified into a stable state.It is very compact, no computer or computer software support.As long as you put it plugged in, wait for a moment you can start your wonderful creation.

    3 d printing pen lets a person associate to the magic brush immediately?There seems to be so close to.This is a pen to can be written in the air, put your imagination free from a sheet of paper.We all think of two-dimensional image vivid enough, want to make it into a 3 d object, language 3 d printing pen can help you to do it.
If you have any wave your fingers in the air, you'll be self-taught 3 d printing.It gives you unlimited creativity.As long as a few hours of practice, you can map out amazing gorgeous.
    This pen size: 18 x 4.6 x 3 cm.Weight 63 grams, colors: red, blue, yellow, pink.