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Basic Structure Of The Laser Printer

Shenzhen Language Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 12, 2015

Laser printers made from lasers, acousto-optic modulator, frequency drives, scanners, composed of Synchronizer and optical deflector, whose role is to bring interface circuit of binary modulation on a laser beam dot matrix information after scans on the photoreceptor. Photoreceptor and photography agencies electronic transfer systems, graphic image on a photosensitive drum into transfer to the printed page, same principle as the Copier. Laser printers are laser scanning technology and electronic imaging technology combined with the non-hit output. It has a different model, printing is different, but the principle is basically the same, to go through: charging, exposure, development, transfer, consumer electrical, cleaning, fixing seven processes, including five procedures are built around drum. When the text or image you want to print the input into a computer by computer software to preprocess. Then the printer driver converts the print command can be recognized by the printer (printer language) to high frequency driving circuit to control the laser on and off to form lattice laser beam, and then by scanning electronic rotating mirror drum in the imaging system for the axial scanning, vertical scanning implemented by the spin of the drum.